Friday, August 14, 2009


...okay, I feel better now.
I had to register for school a couple of days ago. And let me tell you EXACTLY how insane it made me. Because firstly, they're supposed to send us a packet in the mail saying WHEN it is and holding ALL of the necessary paperwork.
Did we get one? Nooo.
But luckily my mom somehow found out when it was. So we go to my school. We pick up the paperwork from a very aggrivated volunteer. We split it up, fill it out as fast as possible, and then turn it in to the APPROPRIATE baskets, thank you very much. This is an accomplishment, mind you, because both my mom and I are extremely flustered due to the fact that a)registration ends ONCE AND FOR ALL at 11:30, and b) it is now 10:45.
So we fly over to step two: Checking my immunization records. Now we're pretty sure that everything is fine there, all my shots taken care of and in order.
I dare you to guess what happens next.
They are not in order. According to them, I still need a Hepatitis A shot. And a Tetanus shot. And a Meningitis shot. And the infamously painful one for cervical cancer. The last two are optional (although the very last one my mom decided to sign up for regardless, because, hey, free shot), but let me tell you how the guy at the desk conviced us to get the Meningitis.
His monologue went as follows:
"Menigitis is a really bad disease. All this groady stuff goes on in your body. Your parents will spend thousands of dollars trying to save you. And you'll die anyway. No pressure or anything."
So this is why, during the school year, I've got to get four shots.
Anyway, so we get past that. Pay me fees. Get my picture taken (ickickickick I HATE school pictuuuures!). Get my schedule.
I have 4 AP classes.
So. We try to get that fixed, make some room in my schedule. We wait FOREVER to see my coucilor... only to find out that we have to talk to the VP to get out of any Avanced Placement class.
And he's in meetings all day.
Allow me to scream again.