Thursday, December 31, 2009

Almost New Year's...

Uuuuuum... so christmas is OVER!
It... was fun.
Sooo... yeeeeah.
However, it is New Year's Eve day, so let us focus on that, shall we?
Or the lack of excitement therof?
Am I the only one who isn't excited for New Year's? Ever? I don't know why... but it's just like... 'I stayed up all night! And now I'm tired! WHOO! *blast of confetti*'
Except for sparkling cider. Sparkling cider is goooood, man.
So are chocolate pretzels.
I'm hungry.
Ima in Idaho right nao. (That says 'now', and yes, that was intentional. I'm not stoopid) It is snowing, but it's probably snowing at home too, so no biggie.
I also happen to have the hiccups.
QUESTION: When you play the license plate game (where you hit someone for every double numbers you see, out of state plates, ect.) what do you do when you're out of state? Does your car count as 'out of state' cuz you're somewhere else? Or not?
Just curious.
Off to eat pretzels.
Happy New Year.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


It's been a rough week. So, like all amazing quick fixes, Ima not gonna talk about it! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
...on that note...
I really want spaghetti. Will someone mail me spaghetti? that would be nice. Thank you.
It's coming up! And I have no school for the rest of the week! YAY!
...and did you know that Thanksgiving is in October in canada?
I only know this because of my friend Rachel, who lives there...
I've never been to Canada.
But I'd like to
Actually, send me somewhere warm, like fiji. No, wait, not Fiji. Send me to Cali. But in a nice part. Preferably with minimal traffic.
... It's amazing how I can talk about nothing, isn't it? *eyebrow raise*

Thursday, November 12, 2009

... *twitchtwitch*

And... snapples! Here I am again!
So... in my government class... we learned about...
Cow tipping.
Why, do you ask? Well, my teacher comes from Minnesota (I can't spell worth a darn)and went to, and I quote: "Moo U." so we got to learn about the fine art of sneaking up on large mammals and scaring them out of their wits. His advice? 'Push them over, run like hades, avoid cow pies. They're lethal.'
Gee. Thanks, Mr. B. I'll be sure to remember that.
Now that that's out of the way... to what I actually wanted to talk about!
I HATE SHOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(insert more exclamation marks here)
I had to get four today. (Refer to 'Registration' entry for even more ranting fun) My entire left arm... is sore and useless. Teh pain. Teh horrible pain.
And I almost passed out afterwords. Thank you anemia. The nurse first noticed when she gave me the menengitis one, looks away, looks back, and says 'Uh-oh,(NOT one of the top ten things you wanna hear from someone who's poking you with sharp objects) you're really bleeding.'
Yes. I was. Then I stood up, went white as a sheet, sat down, and had apple juice forced down my throat for the next twenty minutes.
But hey. At least I won't get deathly ill, right?

Friday, November 6, 2009

I... I...

After a semi-long hiatus, everyone's favorite teenager returns to the web! Amazing! What will I do next?
... No really, to the three of you that actually read this thing, I'm back now. Huzzah. (throws confetti)
So, to catch up on life...
okay, nothing new there either. School is school. I have a really bad headache. And I am presently eating a muffin.
Nummy muffin.
Would you like to hear about the most ridiculously horrid day ever experienced in the history of mankind? (Happened... a week ago? Two?)
Well, this is my blog, so.... YES YOU DO! *clears throat*
A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away *coughcoughHighSchoolcough* there lived this stupid little rule called the Hall Sweep.
And in this stupid little rule, poor students caught outside of the classroom in this horrendous event get a fun little paper called a CITATION.
Yours truly, by no fault of my own, got one of said fun papers.
So, innocent little me wanders through school, goes to class, manages to survive until luch without blowing something up, when some smart person PULLS THE FIRE ALARM.
This happens to be the fire alarm two feet away from our table.
So me and the two people still in the vicinity get herded into the pricipal's office, where we are promptly informed (coughcough screamed at) that someone better fess up now, or we all get ISS (in school suspension).
The problem? We KNOW who pulled it. We SAW the girl. She happens to not be among the group presently being interrogated. Are our protests heard?
Here's your answer: I got to sit and stare at a wall in ISS for an hour and a half.
And I'm STILL marked absent for fourth period.
And then my ride had already left.
And then I walked home.
In flats.
And killed my ankle falling down a hill.

Top that. I dare you.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Heart's Melody

I discovered this artist when reading an absolutely amazing webcomic of hers, with stunning art. Turns out that she's majoring in animation, and made this adorable video. Please watch.
Note: Please stop the blog music first and then watch it... It's so much better with sound.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Okay... so I have had the hiccups since 9:00 last night.
I cannot get rid of them. I've been drinking water. And for some reason I've been getting them in doubles, so not only am I hiccuping, but I'm going *hichic*.... *hichic*
Seriously, though. What are hiccups good for? And why do they all sound different? What about that man who had hiccups for like 60 years? I DON' WANNA HAVE THEM FOREVEEEER!
I know this was random, but it was all I could think of right now.
Darn you, hiccups. Darn yoooooou.

Friday, August 14, 2009


...okay, I feel better now.
I had to register for school a couple of days ago. And let me tell you EXACTLY how insane it made me. Because firstly, they're supposed to send us a packet in the mail saying WHEN it is and holding ALL of the necessary paperwork.
Did we get one? Nooo.
But luckily my mom somehow found out when it was. So we go to my school. We pick up the paperwork from a very aggrivated volunteer. We split it up, fill it out as fast as possible, and then turn it in to the APPROPRIATE baskets, thank you very much. This is an accomplishment, mind you, because both my mom and I are extremely flustered due to the fact that a)registration ends ONCE AND FOR ALL at 11:30, and b) it is now 10:45.
So we fly over to step two: Checking my immunization records. Now we're pretty sure that everything is fine there, all my shots taken care of and in order.
I dare you to guess what happens next.
They are not in order. According to them, I still need a Hepatitis A shot. And a Tetanus shot. And a Meningitis shot. And the infamously painful one for cervical cancer. The last two are optional (although the very last one my mom decided to sign up for regardless, because, hey, free shot), but let me tell you how the guy at the desk conviced us to get the Meningitis.
His monologue went as follows:
"Menigitis is a really bad disease. All this groady stuff goes on in your body. Your parents will spend thousands of dollars trying to save you. And you'll die anyway. No pressure or anything."
So this is why, during the school year, I've got to get four shots.
Anyway, so we get past that. Pay me fees. Get my picture taken (ickickickick I HATE school pictuuuures!). Get my schedule.
I have 4 AP classes.
So. We try to get that fixed, make some room in my schedule. We wait FOREVER to see my coucilor... only to find out that we have to talk to the VP to get out of any Avanced Placement class.
And he's in meetings all day.
Allow me to scream again.

Monday, July 27, 2009

WHY DOES TWIGHLIGHT BOTHER ME SO MUCH?!? (my apologies to Twilight fans... DON'T KILL ME)

Okay... so the entire Twilight series kinda drives me nuts.
'Kinda' as in 'makes me shoot off into a rant every time someone mentions it, therefore making it a taboo word very fast to anyone within the nearest fifty feet of me.'
So I'm going to try to dissect my strange loathing, which will probably result in about one million Sparklepires accidentally stumbling on this post while looking for Black Market pictures of Edward Cullen, getting hugely angry, forming together into one big Sparkle Vampire Beast Of Doom, and then storming down and setting my house on fire.
But I digress.
Item one: Bella DRIVES ME CRAZY.
Okay, so Sparklepires might not burn my house down on this one, because a lot of them agree with me, if only because they want to keep Edward to themselves (or, for Jacob fans, keep the two of them from ever having children). But seriously. She's just so... I don't know... cardboard. Like, all long suffering 'I'll die for you' one minute, and then a whiny toddler the next. But it's so... predictable. I guess she just seems really, really shallow. At least to me.
Item two: Edward ALSO DRIVES ME CRAZY.
And this is the one where a whole lot of crazed fans are going to march down through the streets with pitchforks. Except for the Jacob fans. I think maybe they are still okay with me. But Edward... can you say 'Typical?' As in dreamboy typical? So incredibly predictable, our dear Edward. Always the night in shining armor. Even though sometimes I swear he's riding the horse the wrong way around.
Item three: Jacob DRIVES MY CRAZY TOO.
And here's where Edward and Jacob fans will actually work together for once, with the singular goal of killing the heathen. But Jacob... I think that maybe it's not him, but it's such the cop-out, making him imprint on Bella's kid. I mean, it's like dear Miss Meyer suddenly saw him as a huge nuisance, being in love with Edward's girl and all, so she pawned him off on someone else.
My conclusion: I dislike Twilight because it's full of people who DRIVE ME CRAZY.
That's all.
Ima gonna go buy myself some fireproof jammies.

Friday, July 17, 2009

DRAAAACO! (warning, may contain Harry Potter spoilers!)

Soooo... I saw harry potter 6... twice.
No, I'm not a huge geek. My friend asked me to go with him and his family (they had an extra ticket), with the sole requirement that I had to wear a bright red Griffindor robe. So I probably looked like a geek. But I'm not. I swear. So I went with them, and the next day (i.e. today) my family decides to go too.
So, I've seen it twice. I still come to the same conclusion: Whoever plays Draco Malfoy is REALLY GOOD.
I mean, seriously. He needs some sort of big movie award. Anyone who can make you want to reach into the screen and try to fix his life is really, really good at his job. This guy is probably the first villain you want to go and hug.
And the writing is a lot better for this movie. It's way more natural, along with the interactions with other characters.
And I gotta say, Harry hyped up on Liquid Luck potion is something everyone's gotta see.
"Well, that and the pinchers." (moves fingers in crab-like motion)
Seriously. FUNNY.
And their conversations about girls.
"And... she's got nice skin."
"Skin? You're saying he's dating my sister because of her skin?"
"No, I'm just saying it could be a contributing factor..."
Boys, do you all really have conversations like this?
I'm just curious...
So yeah. A lot better made than the other movies. Thumbs up. Go see.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bath and Body Works...

Okay, so has anyone else seen anything odd in Bath and Body's lotion names?
I mean, they used to make sense. Like Fresh Cucumber. And Cucumber melon. (Sorry, got a cucumber craving) I mean, you can smell cucumbers. But lately...
Okay, here's an example. 'Black Amathyst.' It's a lotion, and a perfume, and a body wash. But I say this: First of all, amathysts are purple (excuse my spelling). Second of all, seriously people, it's a jewel. It isn't supposed to smell like anything. So what is this scent supposed to be, exactly?
And another. Sensual Amber. Amber is something that comes out of trees and is mostly noted for preserving bugs. And we want to be rubbing this all over our legs?
Just a thought.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


So, I went on Trek this week. Here's another big catchup session. YAY!

So, dressed all pioneer-ish, our stake (tiny, but that's all right) meets at a ward building with all of our belongings (at least, what's going on the trip) shoved into 5-gallon laundry buckets. We all pack on a bus. It is, in fact, a Le Bus, which has a TV, footrests, and a bathroom, which is pretty much the most technology we're going to see in a while. But, skipping ahead to the actual walking-trek part...
At the site, we are assigned to families (JACKSONS RULE! Who cares if we trekked slow, we had a heck of a lot more fun than everyone else). We pack our buckets into a handcart. We start pulling.
Pulling a handcart is a heck of a lot harder than people think. There were so many hills. And so many rocks. And so many hilly rocks. And the handcart enjoys getting stuck on hilly rocks. Especially the big ones that stop the wheels and make you feel like your arms are about to fall off.
Those rocks.
But all is fine and dandy for day one. We get catered food (poor guys have to drive like two hours to get to us through all that darned nature... kidding about the darned, nature I love you), and we sit on our buckets and talk until it's time to set up the tents.
Ah, the tents.
The tent... is a tarp. A big one. We stuck a really big stick in the middle to hold it up.
Oh. And it's Co-ed.
So, boy's on one side, girls on the other. Interesting.
But, like aforementioned in parenthesis, my family rules. No one else has members that count sheep. Out loud. And name each one. It was probably the most hilarious thing ever, except I think that maybe I fell asleep at sheep number four.

So... I'll summarize.
We wake up at six a.m. and the guy sent to blow the bugle at us laughs his head off first because all of the guys are too tall for their sleeping space, which results in several pairs of feet sticking out of the tent. I would've laughed too. I love those guys.
Then comes the women's pull. A long, rocky, steep hill that all the girls have to pull the handcart up... by themselves. The boys have to stand at the top and watch.
But... to the part of the day that pretty much changed the way the rest of the Trek went for me.
I have knee problems, which caused me to have ankle and hip problems. We're halfway through the Trek when, as I'm pulling the cart, it rolls forward and knocks into my side.
My hip pops. Really loud.
It really, really hurt.
So, I stumble pathetically out of the yoke. I am trying really, really hard not to cry. I'm failing miserably. Everyone in my 'family' is freaking out a little. But, in the spirit of Trek, I decide to keep going. We get to a river crossing, where the guys carry the girls across. Afterwards, I sit on a rock and, yes, I cry. And feel really, really stupid about it.
And guess what?
One of the boys in my 'family' (who I apparently knew in preschool... I had no idea until my mom told me when I got home) forces me onto his back and carries me a mile and a half until we reach the checkpoint for the day.
And carries me around camp, too.
I think I owe him the biggest favor EVER.
Oh, and we told scary stories in the tent. No one thought I could be scary, but... well, I freaked 'em all out, that's all I can say.

So, we wake up at six again. Boy's feet are still peeking from under the tent after another night of naming sheep.
We start hiking. I'm doing okay... buuuuut not okay enough.
I got carried pretty much the whole way.
That guy deserves the biggest hug in the universe.

Soooo, that was my Trek. In Sparknote form. Especially that last one. Now... I think I'm going to bed.
For a long, long time.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Sooo... I've been in california for the past week or so... and here is my random spewing catchup session.

So, my brothers are in a dancing performing group, and they went on tour in Cali. So, day one we go to Knot's Berry Farm.
FYI... Dumbest theme park EVER.
I also have a question... What does this park have to do with Snoopy? And why is he everywhere? Not that I have an issue with Peanuts or anything... but it's hard to enjoy your lunch when you have a big dog staring at you going 'PLAY WITH ME.'
We also saw 'Everybody Loves Snoopy,' a random, psychadellic ice show with mascots wearing big plush heads skating around and dancing with professional skaters in miniskirts.

Day two, the boys dance at Universal Studios.
Much, much better than Knot's Berry Farm, let me tell you. And bigger. There's an awesome tour, where you get to go through the studio itself... waaay fun. I can't describe it, so you'll have to see it yourself.
There's also this WAY cool Jurassic Park ride... you're in a raft and floating down a river, looking at all these herbavores and marvelling at rather jerky anamatronics, and then you 'accidentally' float into a restricted zone and get spit at by angry velociraptors.
There's a huge drop at the end, right under a t-rex that pops out of the wall... and they take your picture.
I am never showing anyone mine. >.<

Talk about huge roller coasters. There's one called the Goliath that my dad and brother went on, and they literally almost blacked out because of the g-force. It takes you up WAY HIGH, and then shoots you down... underground.
That can't be good for your health.
Another question: What is the connection with Six Flags and Looney Tunes? THEY'RE EVERYWHERE. You can't walk past without seeing Bugs Bunny grinning at you from somewhere.
That, and comics. The Superman ride? Duuuude. 50-foot tall vertical drop. BACKWARDS.
Food there? Icky. Just so you know. BYOL. Bring your own lunch.

Okay, it's the place everyone knows. Meet the magic. It's also a place of hyped up prices and ten-dollar burgers, but hey. It's freakin' Disneyland.
Haunted Mansion? SHWEET.
Splash Mountain? Also shweet, except I'm never showing anyone my picture for that one either. Could my mouth get any bigger? Seriously.
Winnie the Pooh ride... I'm sorry, but someone was a little up in the clouds when they were making that one. Neon colors and flashing lights. "Heeeehfuluuuumps and WOOOZULLLS..."
Spinning colors and maniac woozle laughter... someone needed to lay off the Happy Juice... Or at least to stop sniffin' Pixie Sticks...
Indiana Jones... Probably would have been better if I'd had my glasses at the time. I don't wear them a lot (my bad), so everything was like "What's that line? A snake? Oh. A snake. Don't look into the eyes of the idol? What ido-- OH."
And going into Sudden Doom gives you whiplash.
Buzz Lightyear... That ride rocks. You get to shoot stuff. Except it stopped in the middle, and my mom was right in front of this big bonus target that I just couldn't reach... and so I got my butt kicked.
I will show people my picture for that one. I look COOOOOL.

Didn't get to do stuff here, really... We saw this Alladin musical that was about 45 minutes... But I'm talking, like, full blown production. Effects and everything. Wires for the flying carpet, smoke, trapdoors... And the guy who played the genie needed an award or something. He was HILARIOUS. And a great ad-libber.

"I wish... to be SULTAN!"
"Uh... congradulations. You're sultan. *Pause* Hah, you know what would be great? If your last name was Peppershaker. Hah. Haha. Salt-And-Pepper-Shaker? Haha. Haha.'re mean."

Or even better,

Jasmine: Do you expect me to fall in love with every prince that just bursts in and tries to steal my heart with gold and riches?
Genie: *Jumps in* BURST! Hi, I'm here in favor of Prince Ali, who has lots of gold and riches!

And Soaring Over California? WOW! Way cooool. Love it.
Didn't get to go on Tower of Terror tho. (pout)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hades Hath No Music

Okay, so I think I've just found my new favorite song.
It's second on my playlist on this blog (I love that thing... but sorry the names cut off... one of these days I'm going to figure out how to expand the margin), and for some reason I just really, really like it. I was sitting around, going... "I need to go listen to that song..." It's called 'The Minnow and the Trout.'
And my theme song for the week? "Who Needs Sleep." Also on my playlist. You can hear it if you like.
So, because I'm in the mood, we're gonna talk about songs. Cuz this is my blog. And that's just what we do.
So, to the five people who actually bother to read my ramblings, let us converse.

Funny song of the week: 'Peanut Butter and Jelly' by Inside Out (song 7 on the list)... 'I'm peanut butter and you are jelly, and we're so happy on our piece of bread...' Love it!
Song that gets stuck in your head: 'Slow Me Down' by Emmy Rossum (song 8)
Song that always reminds me of something else: 'Viva la Vida' by Coldplay (song 24)... I always think of Kingdom Hearts II... I'm a geek!
Best Old-style song: "Man of constant sorrow" by the Soggy Bottom Boys...(song 9) yes this is the 'O brother where art thou' song
Catchy Song no one will admit to liking:'That's not my name' by the Ting Tings (song 27). Face it people. You all like it.
Best song about relationships: 'One Week' by Barenaked Ladies (song 29)
Oddest song: 'The Garden' by Mirah (song 32)

So, with that in mind, I kinda want to see what songs other people think would fit in these catagories... And no, they don't have to come from my blog playlist. :-)
(Taylor, speak up. I know you'd be good at this.)
So... that was my rambling for the day. Hopefully next time I'll have a funny story or something... >.<

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Winning Grape

Okay, so I have a really picky little sister.
We went out to dinner at this fancy cafe thing. Sandwiches, soups, salads. My adorable little sister gets a grilled cheese (panini style) and a bowl of fruit. On the side sits a yummy looking chocolate-dipped strawberry. We all settle into our booth and inhale the lovely aroma of yummy (and healthy, EXTRA BONUS!) food... to be greeted by the unavoidable 'I don't like thiiiiiis..."
We all turn to said sister. She is holding her sandwich by two fingers, the way someone might after finding a particularly unpleasant surprise in their bowl of ice cream. Two fingers, pinkie out, the whole getup.
So, my dad finally gets her to eat it. She puts on this whole act about how her tooth hurts, how she thinks the bread is burned, how the world is going to have a horrifically apocolyptic ending because of this single grilled cheese sandwich.
I just ate my soup. Dinner and a show. Sweet.
So, then we move on to object number two: fruit. Sister has cleverly devised a plan: eat the chocolate off the chocolate covered strawberry. That's it. Leave the healthy part, leave the bowl of mandarin oranges and grapes. Eat chocolate.
Of course, that doesn't fly.
So we are greeted by another interesting wailing depiction of how the universe is about to implode on itself under the direction of eaten fruit. The entire earth as we know it will explode if one orange touches her mouth. She is adamant. This is one girl who is determined to keep away from anything that would be classified as a healthy food group.
Then I get an awfully strange idea.
I reach over. I pluck up an orange. And I say "I bet I can eat this faster than you."
She's suspicious. She looks at the bowl. She looks at me. I waggle my eyebrows and start moving it towards my mouth.
Another piece of orange is snatched into her little fingers and disappears into her mouth. She chews, swallows, wins the contest. She plops back into her seat, satisfied.
But we're not done. I pick up a grape. "We need to go again. I need to win you."
She waits until the grape is halfway to my mouth. She snaps one up and eats it. Another win.
By now the whole table is into it. Mom and Dad are 'Ready, Set, Go'ing. Brothers are laughing. Sister is proudly popping fruit after fruit to show up her older sister.
So, in the spirit of the thing, I carefully examine my fifth grape and declare that it looks like a winning one.
Instant reaction. Sister pops up. Shakes her fist in the air. Yells "I WANT THE WINNING GRAPE!"
Simultanious cracking up.
One very confused yet proud little kid, fist still waving.
Little kids are hilarious. As picky as she is, I love my sister to death, and she really says some of the funniest things ever. But I think we need to watch what shows we see around her. I swear, she talks like Invader Zim sometimes.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Twinkies... the chemical compact

Twinkies can be yummy, don't get me wrong, but I don't know if I can stand eating a 'snack cake' that was a) never baked and b) does any of this:
Check out the radiation test... GROSS!
This is the type of thing that makes me wonder what exactly we're eating... it's the hippie inside me jumping up and down and saying 'buy organic! ORGANIC!'
At least pears won't melt and fuse to the plate when microwaved...
Ugh, the solubility test is pretty bad too. Ladies and gentlemen, Twinkies bubble and dissolve. That's right, bubble and dissolve.
I think someone needs to try these with Zingers. They're oh so sweet and delicious, but if they're made of the same fake cake stuff... I dunno if I can touch them!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Yearbook day... oh yearbook day...

Soooo... today was yearbook day.
This was all fine and dandy except for a few things. I knew I had a 3 dollar fine for losing a book, which meant standing in a loooong long line outside the treasurer's office to pay it before I get my big, red, shiny yearbook.
So I'm like 'okay, whatever, my own fault, let's get this thing taken care of.'
So I wait in line.
Lines aren't so bad. I mean, sure, they can be tedious sometimes, but once you think about it, it's not too horrible, right? I mean, lines can be useful for many things. You can do a great many things while waiting in line. Like learning how much tolerance the person in front of you has while you constantly prod them and ask them 'are we close yet?' in a whiney voice. Or seeing how well you can balance that one pencil you borrowed from your friend and never got around to giving back on your nose. Lines are very useful when it comes to discovering useless facts that you'll never use. So, I try to be optomistic, right? And I continue to be optomistic, even though, out of the corners of my eyes, I swear I can see people building campfires and setting up pop tents.
Then a miracle happens, and I actually make it to the FRONT OF THE LINE.
So, I skip in and talk to the nice lady, holding my three dollars, owed for a misplaced copy of Beowulf. She looks down and is all 'That'll be forty-seven dollars please.'
So I'm confused, and I get directed over to Head Treasurer Lady. She takes me into her office, inputs my student number, and 'mm-hmm's a little bit before she sits up and says that well, grouchy Fines Lady was right, it really is that much. Cross country isn't paid for, she says. And Auto Tech.
Both my parents can swear that those were taken care of, as said over the phone when I called home.
But fees are fees, and so my dad takes care of it and I get my year book. But somewhere, out there, the school has just gotten an extra forty-seven dollars. I hope they're very, very happy.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A moment to reflect on where reliability went...

Okay, so all week long I've stayed up until one in the morning to finish a Creative Writing project. It was a book. A small book. Called a Zine (Zeen... like magazine).
Now, this project was only supposed to take a weekend. And it did. That is, until one particularly intelligent computer lab aid pulled my flash drive out of the computer without ejecting it one particularly sunny Monday morning and, would you look at that, corrupted all of the files.
So, I go home, redo all of the hard stuff... get it all back together again. I have not yet saved it on the thumb drive. I go to put it in the USB port, and...
My computer crashes.
So, at this point, I just stare blankly at the screen before turning it off, rolling over, and going to bed.
So, after spending Tuesday and Wednesday retyping, re-editing, and rearranging the pages so that it would all make sense when it was put together, I printed it out. My Creative Writing teacher was making copies of all of these Zines (so everyone could get one and read the work of other students), but she was not there that Thursday. So, as per prior instructions for this type of situation, I go to the office and ask one of the ladies working there if they will ever so kindly put my time-consuming project into her box. The nice woman says that, why, of course she will.
So I go home that day feeling pretty good about myself.
Then I wake up this morning. It's the last day (or at least technical 'class' day) of school. I'm happy. Finals are over. My stupid project cannot crash, explode, or corrupt any more. I have a big headache from no sleep and my stomach's feeling a little ooky, but all in all I figure it's going to be a mighty fine day.
I progress through each class, just waiting for it all to be over. I get to fourth period, the last one of the day, and the recipient of my Project of Doom. I'm happy to receive the fruits of my labors, i.e. a couple of doughnuts and an 'A.' And that is when I find out that my project has mysteriously disappeared.
So I go back to the office. I talk to Nice Lady. She has absolutely no recollection of our little discussion from the other day.
About ready to go nuclear on the next visible object, I go down to the school library and re-print the entire thing. The problem? This version does not have the pages in the right order, so after my teacher makes copies I have to sit there, in the room, and try to figure out how to put it together.
So. Let me emphasize how happy I am for summer. And the next time someone sees a computer lab aid, throw something at him just for me.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Hello and a Rant... Two for one!

So... I've got a blog!
'Tis a simple thing, really... It being all black and white and such... bu-ut hopefully that will change when I get modivated enough to figure out how html works...
I know the letters are supposed to do something, but for the life of me I can't figure what.
Now... on to business.
I have an interesting question. Why am I still in school?
School in June is not supposed to happen. It's against all laws of nature. Kids should not be stuck inside a monochromatic building, staring out the window, watching robins and pigeons (less dramatic, but seriously they're everywhere) fly around and eat bugs and all in all enjoy the summer WITHOUT US.
I sit next to the window in first period, and I could swear some dark bird was getting a kick out of staring at me. "Ooh, look at the human person, she's all bored and lowly, LET'S STARE."
To which I asked my math teacher if I pretty please could close the blinds because the (pause for plausable reason) sun was in my eyes.
I'll get that bird back yet.
So, in total, this has been the longest, most drawn out, pointless week of my life. I cannot tell you how many teachers have made us sit there and watch movies. It's a mad scramble to fill time. "Um... so, uh, students... we're going to... um... watch Donald Duck do Trigonometry on YouTube..."
Someone. Pleeeeease just make school stop. It's ridiculous.